It’s that time of year again when the cold weather starts to creep in, and the possibility of winter storms becomes a reality. That means it’s also time to start thinking about what you need to have in your car in case of an emergency.

No matter what climate you live in, if you drive during the winter, it’s important to keep certain items in your car when there is a chance of precipitation or cold conditions. Even if road conditions appear ideal and you don’t suspect ice on the roads, accidents can still happen and cause you to become stranded in cold weather with no way to call for help. By keeping the following items in your car during winter weather, you can protect yourself and your passengers from danger if you get trapped by adverse conditions.

What are items you should include in your winter car kit?

When winter weather hits, it’s important to be prepared. Make sure you have a winter car kit packed with the necessary items in an emergency. From blankets to flares, make sure you have everything you need to stay safe and warm on the roads. Here are some items you should include in your winter car kit.

Are you prepared for winter weather? Even if you don’t live in a place that sees a lot of snow, it’s still important to be prepared for icy conditions and other winter hazards. So make sure you have a winter car kit packed and ready to go. Here are some items you should include in your kit.

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A few basics like a shovel, jumper cables, and a first-aid kit are essential. You’ll also want to pack an ice scraper, de-icer, and an emergency blanket. If you’re traveling in cold weather areas, be sure to pack extra clothing, food, and water. Finally, don’t forget some tunes or books to keep you entertained while you’re stranded!

Make sure you have everything you need in your winter car kit to keep you safe on the road. Here are some items you should include:

  • A flashlight
  • A first-aid kit
  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Warm clothes and a blanket
  • A phone charger
  • Food and water
  • And don’t forget to check your antifreeze levels!

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What supplies do you need to survive a blizzard in your car?

We’re about to find out. Last night, I made the rookie mistake of trying to drive through a blizzard. A few minutes into my journey home from work, I realized that traveling was hopeless. The visibility wasn’t just low—it was nonexistent. And then, after hitting what felt like every snowbank on the road, I came upon this scene where I ended up spending the night sleeping in my car. My body is sore and tired, but I’m not injured or frostbitten so far, so there’s that. Next time, if there even is a next time, I’ll know better than to try driving in extremes like these without proper supplies.

The answer is easy: a shovel, some water, maybe some snacks. But the only thing less obvious than what you need to bring with you is how you’re supposed to convey that information when your voice is already gone from screaming over the wind at the center of the storm.

What’s more important is not what supplies are necessary for an emergency, but rather which items will most likely save your life after getting stranded in your car.